Monday, April 4, 2011


The original 1932 metal windows are throughout the house
 including the second bedroom closet and the bathroom.
All are in working order.
A few panes were missing and a couple were broken
all of which I replaced last summer.


The hard work was scraping and sanding layers of paint down to the bare metal.
I removed the latches and stripped them.
 I would have preferred to sand them but all the years of grime, layers of paint and the intricacy of the detail in the handle made it impossible for me to get down to the bare metal.


I painted the windows with an oil based exterior paint specifically formulated for metal.
I did not have to think twice about the color.
I knew from day one that these windows would be black inside and out.
I am pleased with the way they turned out and know we will enjoy them for years to come.
- Michelle

August 2010

Burt enjoying the sun