Monday, February 13, 2012


When I was a young girl 
I saw a picture in a magazine of a house with black doors throughout.
I knew in an instant when I had my own home 
 I had to paint my doors black!

I removed the hinges and stripped 6 layers of paint from them
 then did the same with the brass and glass door knobs and gave them a good scrubbing.
( 80 years of gook removed).  
I then lightly sanded the doors and painted them  Cannonball (Ace color).
I used Clark+Kensington paint+primer from Ace in satin.
This job was a little time consuming, but very rewarding.
- Michelle

Steamer trunk-Antique Mall, Port Townsend Washington.
Victrola-Craigslist, Grand Junction Colorado.
Multi paned window-Blown down barn Oregon Coast.
Shutters-Yard Sale, Key West Florida.
Antique oak plant stand- Craigslist Telluride Colorado.
Hanging lantern-Habitat ReStore, Glenwood Springs Colorado.