Monday, April 9, 2012


Welcome friends
Please come in.

Once again, 
a project that I waited a year and a half to complete 
just seemed to come together this past week.

Because we have textured plaster walls
our first step was to cover them with wood board.
I don't think it looks good to have textured walls showing in between your battens!
I see this mistake in many homes.
It really is worth the extra effort to add the wood first.
I think this step is very important in order to achieve proper paneled walls.
As we work from room to room we are also replacing the 3" base molding with 6".
We used Liquid Nails on the back of the board and small finishing nails to attach the battens to the wall.
I then filled holes with wood filler and painters caulk to fill in gaps between the board and battens.
 Then applied three coats of paint. 
Benjamin Moore White Dove in pearl finish on board and batten.
Benjamin Moore Ballet White in flat finish on walls



  The antique french flow blue bowls and blue willow are gifts from my husband 

The antique acorn hooks are dated 1880 and are the perfect addition to the new wall.

For Trudy,
Thank you so much for the copper wash tub...
I did some research and cleaned it up with fresh cut lemons and salt.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The doorway.
  The door on the back wall of the master bedroom,
 1 of 3 doors in the house leading to the laundry room/mud room
 was ALWAYS being used as a short cut by... 
kids friends
kids friends dogs
shall I keep going...
you get the picture.
All of whom, were usually running!
( I don't know about you...but that's a lot of traffic through our bedroom! )
The room also had no solid wall to act as a anchor for the bed and nightstands.
So, my husband pulled some 2x4's out of the scrap pile,
 framed in the doorway, 
 covered it with a sheet of plywood 
and that's how it stayed for a few months.


Until this past weekend!

Saturday we installed 3 4x8 sheets of bead board (trimming them slightly)
10' top cap and a 10' shoe molding at the base.
Countersunk the nails, filled with wood filler then sanded them smooth.
I finished the day caulking the seams with white Painters Caulk.
Sunday I applied 2 coats of  Benjamin Moore White Dove in Pearl Finish.
 Voila...instant wall!



I hope to be painting the rest of the room soon,
as I have yet to decide on a color,
 It all comes to me in time...I'm leaning towards a soft light gray.

P.S.  ( for Cynthia) 
Sneak peak of headboard we made
 from two old doors found atop a trash pile.