Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The doorway.
  The door on the back wall of the master bedroom,
 1 of 3 doors in the house leading to the laundry room/mud room
 was ALWAYS being used as a short cut by... 
kids friends
kids friends dogs
shall I keep going...
you get the picture.
All of whom, were usually running!
( I don't know about you...but that's a lot of traffic through our bedroom! )
The room also had no solid wall to act as a anchor for the bed and nightstands.
So, my husband pulled some 2x4's out of the scrap pile,
 framed in the doorway, 
 covered it with a sheet of plywood 
and that's how it stayed for a few months.


Until this past weekend!

Saturday we installed 3 4x8 sheets of bead board (trimming them slightly)
10' top cap and a 10' shoe molding at the base.
Countersunk the nails, filled with wood filler then sanded them smooth.
I finished the day caulking the seams with white Painters Caulk.
Sunday I applied 2 coats of  Benjamin Moore White Dove in Pearl Finish.
 Voila...instant wall!



I hope to be painting the rest of the room soon,
as I have yet to decide on a color,
 It all comes to me in time...I'm leaning towards a soft light gray.

P.S.  ( for Cynthia) 
Sneak peak of headboard we made
 from two old doors found atop a trash pile.