Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Happy 5th Anniversary
 To my wonderful husband...  

Since we met and married in Astoria...


We created this character...

I can't imagine life without the two of you...

You love them as your own...

You complete us ( tee hee)

I am grateful everyday 
  you saw the potential in our little fixer upper
or as you like to call it the  "Taj Michelle" 

I love our life in Colorado
I Love You

P.S. I must thank my loving husband for the concert tickets 
to see  Mumford & Sons in June.
 A weekend of music and camping in Telluride!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011


 The Good...

- The old metal windows
- Hardwood floors throughout

- Fireplace wall flanked by little windows
    - Glass doorknobs 

- 9' ceilings
-  Arches

The Bad...
- Kitchen!

The Ugly...
 - Refrigerator nook!

I know these pictures are hard to look at 
but you have to understand that I see potential in everything.

This house was built in 1932 
 The updating through the years was limited to the kitchen... 
2 layers of flooring ( over hardwood )
 6 layers of wallpaper with it's coordinating coats of paint on the trim
 and upper cabinet doors
 The rest of the house has been left untouched
 no carpet! or 70's paneling!
 We realize the work ahead of us but that is exactly what we wanted. 
 After years of working on houses that belong to other people
 I am thrilled to finally put all my creative energy into this house.
- Michelle

Sunday, March 6, 2011


                               I started this blog to keep family and friends informed on all  projects
 large or small pertaining to our house.

 I guess in a way todays blog is about our new additions...

 Through the years 
we have always told the kids that when we bought a house and settled somewhere 
we would get a dog.  
Since July our youngest son Gage has reminded us of this on a regular basis.  
Whenever he found a ball he would put it away for his future dog.
Occasionally he would ask  me...
 "Mom, where do you think my dog is? 
What do you think he's doing?" 
 It's enough to break your heart!  
So the time finally came when we had to address this "dog" thing...
I searched the newspaper,  our local bulletin boards,  then finally the internet  
which led me to an animal shelter 46 miles away.  
I searched the listings of available dogs
 and found a sad faced puppy staring up at the camera
 (you know the picture I'm talking about)
 I called to see if she was still available and made an appointment to see her that Saturday.
When we arrived at the animal shelter they led us to the farthest row of kennels
 and there she was... 
looking up at us just like the picture. 
 What we were not prepared for...
 was her twin sister a few kennels down with the same look on her face! 
 Gage was thrilled!
An hour later we left with both puppies. 

Puppy Love

Gage  -  Sage  -  Siena

   They are a lot of work for all of us.
 There are times I question our decision to get both.

 That is,
  until I see Gage with them and know that he finally has his dogs. 
 They are inseparable.
We were told that they were brought into the shelter separately
  so you can imagine our delight in reuniting them and keeping them together.
Our home is full and so are our hearts - Michelle


P.S. The animal shelter listed them as German Shepherd / Corgie mix, 
 but we recently found out that they are Belgian Malinois.