Sunday, March 6, 2011


                               I started this blog to keep family and friends informed on all  projects
 large or small pertaining to our house.

 I guess in a way todays blog is about our new additions...

 Through the years 
we have always told the kids that when we bought a house and settled somewhere 
we would get a dog.  
Since July our youngest son Gage has reminded us of this on a regular basis.  
Whenever he found a ball he would put it away for his future dog.
Occasionally he would ask  me...
 "Mom, where do you think my dog is? 
What do you think he's doing?" 
 It's enough to break your heart!  
So the time finally came when we had to address this "dog" thing...
I searched the newspaper,  our local bulletin boards,  then finally the internet  
which led me to an animal shelter 46 miles away.  
I searched the listings of available dogs
 and found a sad faced puppy staring up at the camera
 (you know the picture I'm talking about)
 I called to see if she was still available and made an appointment to see her that Saturday.
When we arrived at the animal shelter they led us to the farthest row of kennels
 and there she was... 
looking up at us just like the picture. 
 What we were not prepared for...
 was her twin sister a few kennels down with the same look on her face! 
 Gage was thrilled!
An hour later we left with both puppies. 

Puppy Love

Gage  -  Sage  -  Siena

   They are a lot of work for all of us.
 There are times I question our decision to get both.

 That is,
  until I see Gage with them and know that he finally has his dogs. 
 They are inseparable.
We were told that they were brought into the shelter separately
  so you can imagine our delight in reuniting them and keeping them together.
Our home is full and so are our hearts - Michelle


P.S. The animal shelter listed them as German Shepherd / Corgie mix, 
 but we recently found out that they are Belgian Malinois.


  1. Great!

    What a Happy post. Are they actually related? Why were they brought in separately?

  2. Karen,
    Yes they are sisters. Siena has a bit more red in her coat but all their markings and mannerisms are the same. We do not know why they were brought in separately by different people...puppies are hard to take care of so maybe they just gave up, I am just happy we could get both and keep them together. Thank you for your nice comment - Michelle

  3. I can't wait to meet the puppies! They look adorable! The house is looking great too! See you guys soon!

  4. omg... this post has me with tears in my eyes. Bless you for adopting them both!! They are absolutely beautiful girls and I love their names! I am so happy for Gage. I can only imagine how much work they are right now, but you will never regret having 2x's the puppy love! I am so happy for you and your family.
    puppy hugs to the girls!

  5. p.s. do you crate train?! It's a very good thing!