Friday, February 4, 2011



                         July 2010 the house officially became ours. That day was a story of its own...


The morning of closing day my husband had driven to an  isolated camp ground about 2 hours from here to accompany his mother, sister and the children back into town.  They were to babysit our youngest son who was sick with the flu while my husband and I met with the sellers to sign the final papers on the house and get the keys. Instead...I received a frantic call from my sister in law who proceeded to tell me that her mother had driven off the road and rolled her Toyota 4Runner and pop up camper down a hillside just moments after leaving the campground !  ( One should keep their eyes on the narrow twisting road, and leave the sunroof alone!) Needless to say none of them would be in town anytime soon, as they would have to wait for emergency vehicles and a tow truck . So with that I walked to the title company, sick child in tow, not knowing the exact condition of my mother in law.  What should have been the happiest day of my life had  turned into utter chaos.  I signed all the papers (alone) with a sleeping child curled up at my feet underneath the conference table. All I could think about was how everyone else was doing. After closing, I made my way to the hospital where I found my mother in law a little banged up and bruised, but ok. Later that afternoon after everything calmed down, with the mother in law settled and propped on the couch and several different accounts of the accident told by all the little witnesses, my husband and I walked the two blocks from our rental to our new house and sat on our new living room floor and shared a bottle of champagne!

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  1. Your house is adorable. I look forward to following progress :)