Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The following two photos are just a reminder of what once was...

 Spring 2010

Removed patio roof and pavers Summer 2010

 First of all, let me apologize for not Blogging since May.
 It was not my intention to take the summer off! 
 I swear it was as if the snow melted
and we headed outside and that's where we stayed. 
 We have had a wonderful summer here in Colorado,
 lots of exploring, camping, swimming, hordes of company along with bringing in  firewood for our long cold winter!
Oh yeah we worked on the back of the house!
We chose to work on the back of the house first
 use it as a learning tool (basically trial and error if you will)
I have never prepped or painted the exterior of a house before or worked with mortar and stucco, so the entire summer was a learning experience for me.
I spent more time in the prep...
washing, wire brushing, repairing damaged corners with mortar and filling the cracks with Stucco Patch ( I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!)  

After... Summer 2011

Then finally rolling on the paint!
I chose Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore
 and I am very happy with the color it is light and bright but still warm.
The windows received some new wood, new glass for one and new glaze for most.

Garage corner

 my husband had the daunting task of replacing all the rotten wood,
 trimming rafter tails, and finding a solution for the electrical 
before a good wind storm rips it from our house!

Apparently this was OK to do 80 years ago!

    He is the man.
Because he fixes things and brings me chocolate!


 I still have a short list of things to do out here before the snow starts flying!
    -Priming and painting under the eves.
    -Paint the glaze on windows.
    -Install new porch light.
    -Attach storm door.


P.S. I almost forgot!

We started our summer with...
  -The removal of  6 trees (and their stumps) all  in various stages of decay and leaning towards the house!
  -10 tons of gravel that we spread around the side of the house and formed a back patio!
           ( because I live with 4 males and 2 puppies, all of which attract mud!)

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